Since 2018, excellence has been the foundation of our company, taking seriously the slogan we carry and breaking several paradigms in the defense and security community, always surprising with our creativity and robustness.

We are proud to lead the way to a future where sovereignty is preserved and efficiency, as well as innovative ideas, revolutionary technology and transparency are key requirements.

ALBATROSS work on dozens of projects with the aim of providing innovative engineering solutions.

We are a genuinely Brazilian company, focused on the solution and integration of aircraft and land vehicles for defense and security, avionics development and maintenance of aeronautical systems.

Despite being a young company in the market, our professionals have extensive experience and a relationship of more than 20 years working closely, always with focus, determination, and master engineering which are the build foundation of ALBATROSS.

Our mission is to break engineering paradigms by combining multi-disciplinary expertise with a creative approach, providing the best quality and requirement-oriented solution.

ALBATROSS experience comes all the way from programs all over the world, including United States, China, Israel, Pakistan, Egypt, Germany, Mauritania, France, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia, where we acquired know-how on several established platforms of the sector, such as Mirage III, Mirage V, Skyhawk A-4, F-5BR, T-27 (EMB-312), ALX (A-29), C-95, R-95, Beechcraft 350 ISR, R-98 (CESSNA 208 ISR), R-99B (SIVAM), JF-17, MI-17

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Power Management and Distributuon Module
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